Sheltering the Homeless Act

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Sheltering the Homeless Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Clause 1: All Homeless people will be given the opportunity to stay in decent shelter free of charge where they will be given food, water and clean clothes

Section a: Homeless people are classified as Persons Without Accomodation (PWA) and No Fixed Abode (NFA).

Clause 2: Definition of Homeless categories are as follows:

Section a: PWA is that the person does not otherwise have any shelter or have a home to call their own on that day. This may be sleeping outside in the rough.

Section b: NFA is that the person does have shelter but otherwise that the person does not have a home to call their own. This may be sleeping on friend's floors.

Clause 3: In these shelters will be social workers, who will meet with the homeless to rehabilitate them to solve their problems and help them get jobs.

Clause 4: The shelters and services will be funded by taxation and charity.

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